Welcome to Armazém Cowork

Armazém Cowork is a shared office space where freelancers and businesses find the ideal conditions to work, in Porto, Portugal.

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Potential and Synergies

We believe that there’s no better place to stimulate creativity than a shared environment, through interaction between people, sharing knowledge and skills, where shared ideas and projects add value.

One Coworking, One Community

Located in a traditional neighbourhood of Porto, which is prized for authenticity, it is in this traditional sense of community that Armazém Cowork is inserted, inspired and intended to be brought into its space and to the living space of our coworkers (being also open to the neighbours and the rest of the city), through the promotion of activities and events.

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Positive impact on users and the local community

It comes from the rehabilitation of a warehouse with 416m2, in Paranhos, Porto, which was closed, empty, degraded and long lost it’s purpose. A “Wharehouse of Ideas” was created!

Armazém Cowork - Openspace

Come and meet us!

If you look at the force of interactivity and you want to work in a motivating and positive environment, this is your cowering space, in the city of Porto.

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