We’re delighted to announce some exciting new changes to the way you can do things at Armazém Cowork! You now have much more autonomy over your membership as well as insights into who’s part of the wider community. 

The Users Area enables you to simply:

  • View your membership allowances
  • Make and view your bookings
  • Check-in and -out of the coworking space 
  • Access our plans and products in addition to other services here
  • View our opening hours other workspace info
  • Discover who the other members in the community are

You also can explore and find out more about other members in the members-only community discovery section. Don’t worry, you have complete control over what information you share, or even whether you appear at all! To feature in the community, you’ll need to add a detail or two and click ‘Share.’ You can also hide your profile at any point too.

Keeping your practical details up to date and accurate is also super simple as you can view and edit your:

  • Personal and business info for invoicing
  • Payment method

You can also stay on top of billing and invoice too with being able to view:

  • Upcoming charges due for your next invoice
  • All current and previous invoices

 If you don’t see some of the features mentioned it’s because they are for members only, yet another reason to come and join us! If you already have access to our booking software or simply just have an existing account with us, all you need to do is log in here and get exploring.


Armazém Cowork